Stunt Motorcyclist in Downtown Chicago – Red Bull Night Tracks

Check out more moto action here To display his talents on a motorycle, Red Bull Athlete Aaron Colton, age 19,…
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Social 25 is a very cool upscale bar in downtown Chicago. For upcoming events and bottle service menu go to their website: Using the…
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  1. On Sep 2, 2014, bradley griffitts said:

    wut is the name of that song

  2. On Sep 2, 2014, Matuzalen Carvalho said:

    O cara e fera 

  3. On Sep 2, 2014, Damien THOMAS said:

    WTF!!! Give me wings!!!

  4. On Sep 2, 2014, Matuzalen Carvalho said:

    O cara e fera 

  5. On Sep 2, 2014, Diogo Alexandre said:

    Music name?

  6. On Sep 2, 2014, Help Me Ride said:

    +Red Bull has some fun tearing up the streets of #Chicago at night on a
    #motorcycle .

  7. On Sep 2, 2014, Houstons Star said:

    This will be me soon I know it!!!

  8. On Sep 2, 2014, Nyan Htet said:

    does anyone know what kind of exhaust he has on the bike?

  9. On Sep 2, 2014, Subhradeep Sarkar said:

    Redbull guys watch this

  10. On Sep 2, 2014, ThePclg said:


  11. On Sep 2, 2014, ///One.Lawless said:

    You are my idol lol

  12. On Sep 2, 2014, Jr Stunts said:

    Its cbr600

  13. On Sep 2, 2014, AUTO-BOSS said:

    Видео классное! И мотыки – зачетные, похоже Suzuki GSX-R1000, кстати тут
    – /-/- все о спортивных мотоциклах

  14. On Sep 2, 2014, dkdiaz1 said:

    damn this guy isn’t old enough to buy a beer but he can do that on a
    motorcycle? kudos.

  15. On Sep 2, 2014, alexcekic said:

    Song name = Redcloud – Broken Jaw Feat. Braille

  16. On Sep 2, 2014, IIkiichiII said:

    whats the song plz?great vid

  17. On Sep 2, 2014, MickeySwalwell said:

    get him a drz please

  18. On Sep 2, 2014, Vernon Doucet said:

    @smallblockrocket Because this is way cooler

  19. On Sep 2, 2014, Дима Димон said:


  20. On Sep 2, 2014, Alex Rodriguez said:

    Point blank the kid is sick !!!

  21. On Sep 2, 2014, Skipi Duracell said:

    Thanks bro!

  22. On Sep 2, 2014, Aaron Gibbs said:

    its a million dudes from st. louis who can do all that they are on that
    ride of a century video

  23. On Sep 2, 2014, Viljo Rauhala said:

    I´m 20 years old and i dont have enough money for cbr600rr. But I can do
    circle wheelies and highchair endoes with my cheap sportbike. I´m not
    famous becouse I´m from sucking land of polar bears. Finland. I will be the
    best stuntrider when i get enough money for real bike by selling my house
    and wife.

  24. On Sep 2, 2014, dontwatch8 said:

    hmm i can do that with my eyes closed ………

  25. On Sep 2, 2014, nownikki7 said:

    why’s your butt wet

  26. On Sep 2, 2014, Manuelgsx said:

    Love it !!!

  27. On Sep 2, 2014, ricker said:

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