200 N Dearborn Apartments in the Theatre District of Downtown Chicago – The Loop

http://fleetfootmarketing.com Video Tours of Apartments in Chicago, IL Located at Lake & Dearborn in Chicago’s storied Loop, this forty-seven story hi rise p…

Shot from The South Loop on my balcony. The Sears Tower is hidden behind the storm in the center.
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  1. On Aug 29, 2014, Dick Buffay said:

    This is fucking terrifying, holy shit. I think this siren is more suited to
    a nuclear bomb or something, sheesh.

  2. On Aug 29, 2014, KaedeMegu said:

    why would they even use such a weird siren wtf

  3. On Aug 29, 2014, Ben Diaz said:

    That sounds absolutely terrifying. 

  4. On Aug 29, 2014, Makoto Naegi said:

    the cries of satan

  5. On Aug 29, 2014, Ivan Reynes said:

    this is actually because theyre recording from a different position than
    you would on the streets, in the apartment or where ever theyre recording
    from, the sound is bouncing from the skyscrapers and giving off another
    sound than you would if youd hear say an ambulance wizzing by 

  6. On Aug 29, 2014, DrunkRussian said:


  7. On Aug 29, 2014, TheFaceMask said:

    Imagine walking down an empty street and hearing this shit!

  8. On Aug 29, 2014, Haniel K said:

    some1 needs to remix this

  9. On Aug 29, 2014, Derpy Hooves said:

    Jesus Christ how horrifying. I’d have a mental breakdown if I heard that in
    real life. And that fog, it’s like something straight out of a horror
    movie. I’d die of fear before the tornado even passes through.

  10. On Aug 29, 2014, CJ Morgan said:


  11. On Aug 29, 2014, KelsyPie said:

    This sounds and looks like some freaky shit from Silent Hill. 

  12. On Aug 29, 2014, Sonovia White said:

    this is what the siren sounds in Chicago thats so dumb and the ambulance
    sounds even dumber XD (not tring to be rude if you come from chicago)

  13. On Aug 29, 2014, Kurt Pringles said:

    I can imagine a bunch of knife wielding crack heads dancing to this in an
    alley way and then just stop and stare at anyone who walks by for some

  14. On Aug 29, 2014, gipro1 said:

    Why the fuck does it sound like that? That doesn’t make me think of a
    tornado! That makes me think of a police car that just got raped by Satan!
    I feel like we’re going to start seeing really big monsters and shit coming
    out of the mist.

  15. On Aug 29, 2014, Tyler Sorensen said:

    Looks and sounds more like Chernobyl.

  16. On Aug 29, 2014, Kamile ruzenskaite said:

    Ehh us Chicagoans don’t have it that bad. Thunder storms, that’s about it.
    At least we don’t have earthquakes, tsunamis, or twisters! 

  17. On Aug 29, 2014, Jessica Desirae said:


  18. On Aug 29, 2014, meredithanthraxelrod said:

    How long does that go on? Is it continuous, for the duration of the storm?
    20 minutes?

  19. On Aug 29, 2014, Ain't it fun said:

    CAn’t SLEEP

  20. On Aug 29, 2014, Jade Harley said:

    the reason the siren sounds like that is because it’s echoing through the
    tall buildings

  21. On Aug 29, 2014, Tida Prathinthong said:

    That’s some “silent hill” shit right there 0___0 

  22. On Aug 29, 2014, WWEDivaJessie said:

    I don’t why but this mad me laugh

  23. On Aug 29, 2014, Maisie Draig said:

    In my restless dreams, I see that town…Downtown Chicago

  24. On Aug 29, 2014, denisbrecovece said:

    What if it’s broken?

  25. On Aug 29, 2014, MrJoethegreat123 said:

    what is this, silent hill: downpour?

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