Tornado Warning High Above Downtown Chicago

High atop my balcony on the 47th floor, you can hear the tornado (civil defense) sirens blaring over downtown Chicago. This was filmed facing South from approximately Huron and State streets.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Red Bull Racing Team’s Scott Speed shows passengers what it’s like to drive a NASCAR through the streets of Chicago. Are we there yet?

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  1. On Aug 5, 2011, 04mach1speed said:

    I dunno why but this siren sounds fuckin bad ass…kinda scary too
    Ours in Oklahoma sounds alitle differant..
    Great video

  2. On Aug 5, 2011, Johnny200000000000 said:

    what was the date and time of that? That is very creepy

  3. On Aug 5, 2011, LiveLaughLovee131 said:

    Crazy sirens!

  4. On Aug 5, 2011, troshs said:

    @gymnast5601 i wasnt actually there, but there are dozens of youtube videos up from fans in the stands. type in “that crazy night at wrigley”. i live in central pennsylvania and even we have had a lot of warnings this year…but it does appear that something really went on at wrigley field that night. my favorite video of it is that after the storm, since it was 70′s night, an Elvis impersonator runs out and slides on the tarp they put over the field. I’m pretty sure he got arrested! lol

  5. On Aug 5, 2011, gymnast5601 said:

    @troshs wow! i heard about that night! are the warnings just precaution or do you actually get the tornados?

  6. On Aug 5, 2011, lizzypaw12 said:

    i don’t find the tornadoes freaky i just panick when the sirens go on

  7. On Aug 5, 2011, troshs said:

    @gymnast5601 Me either but warnings there seem pretty common on here…Even Wrigley field got blasted one night.

  8. On Aug 5, 2011, gymnast5601 said:

    i cant imagine chicago being a place that gets tornados

  9. On Aug 5, 2011, gymnast5601 said:

    @jewkeslogan lol just the vid or were u in the tornado?

  10. On Aug 5, 2011, jewkeslogan said:

    this is so scary i pist my pants

  11. On Aug 5, 2011, 1000biscuit said:


  12. On Aug 5, 2011, Beeblez55 said:


  13. On Aug 5, 2011, crazySara1997 said:

    Sounds like the siren in the movie silent hill :D

  14. On Aug 5, 2011, Tr2u1ck said:

    @alexcubs25 they should have gone off when chicago blew up in Transformers 3

  15. On Aug 5, 2011, blargman140 said:

    It looks like sumthing when the russians attack Chicago and the russians are gonna invade

  16. On Aug 5, 2011, TheComedykid1304 said:

    @incheon they sound like the sirens in Silent Hill in this video 0_o

  17. On Aug 5, 2011, spotandtiggerbug said:

    @ulij20 They use either Alert (Steady Tone) Or Attack (Wail Tone) for tornadoes, because when the Merrill Wisconsin tornado hit, during the tornado warning, they used alert. When the tornado was almost on the ground they used attack. In this case, Chicago uses Attack, or Fast Wail, for warning. But that was back then. Now they use Wail and Alternate Wail

  18. On Aug 5, 2011, MrDude826 said:

    Wow it sounds like an evac. siren in case of a war… Awesome!

  19. On Aug 5, 2011, ihaterabbits127 said:

    ahh the federal signal 2001 sirens

  20. On Aug 5, 2011, alexcubs25 said:

    looks like something in a movie.

  21. On Aug 5, 2011, hurricanelover7 said:

    soooo creepy <:P

  22. On Aug 5, 2011, lawdog53 said:

    i remember when i was 7 years old this siren went off I FUCKING SHIT AND PEED THE FUCK OUT MY PANTS O.O LOL

  23. On Aug 5, 2011, ulij20 said:

    @dotch8774 I think what DanceFerLyfe is talking about is the sound pattern. For an air raid, the test is the hi-lo-hi-lo sound that is heard in the video. For tornadoes, they generally sound the high tone for about two to three minutes. For some reason, they went with the hi-lo sound. Perhaps they pressed the wrong button – not sure.

  24. On Aug 5, 2011, yoshi9891 said:

    @incheon Amazing point

  25. On Aug 5, 2011, SnowLeopardStudioz said:

    True story.
    I was staying in Oklahoma in May of 2009 when the tornado siren started early at around 10pm at nighttime. My sister was screaming like crazy and my great grandmother who is deaf couldn’t hear the siren that was blaring, i nearly shat my pants,my grandma’s tv was broken and she had no internet.
    We survived the massive tornado in her basement, but the kitchen was ripped apart!!!
    If we weren’t there my grandma could have died! Luckily now she has tv and a computer with internet :)

  26. On Aug 5, 2011, Hendrickfan54 said:

    @wadup95 scott speed is a road racer u retard

  27. On Aug 5, 2011, Ntre222 said:

    @wadup95 He drove in Formula 1……..the pinnacle of auto racing. Scott Speed can drive right handed circles around you. I’m sure of this.

  28. On Aug 5, 2011, mariodidier001 said:

    @Herbrax1 They had to, otherwise it would be illegal XD

  29. On Aug 5, 2011, CPTSaveAHoe247 said:

    Police: Is This Road Legal?
    Scott: Why Yes It Is Cant You See The Functional Headlights?
    Police: Ok Have a Nice Day.
    Scott: Does a Big Burnout

  30. On Aug 5, 2011, ozilevin200 said:

    @ListersRP That’s exactly what I thought! xD

  31. On Aug 5, 2011, hjy198813 said:


  32. On Aug 5, 2011, censorNO said:

    YES i like it!

  33. On Aug 5, 2011, TheDegree777 said:

    those headlights look they stole them off a kia. Next time use toyota camry headlights
    not crappy kia looking headlights?

  34. On Aug 5, 2011, ListersRP said:

    Good to see Scott Speed is back to work driving a cab after failing in Formula 1

  35. On Aug 5, 2011, Herbrax1 said:

    0:30 OMG they put real lights on the car

  36. On Aug 5, 2011, Herbrax1 said:

    right turn >:D

  37. On Aug 5, 2011, Sunfadedlovejaded said:

    That is wrong!
    Too many people walking!
    I have recorded this and will be showing CPD

  38. On Aug 5, 2011, forrest225 said:

    Stock car pulls up with taxi sign on top. Seems legit.

  39. On Aug 5, 2011, demlikposet said:

    That’s crazy as hell!!!(:
    and there s 20 jealous dislikers here

    thumbs up for them LoL

  40. On Aug 5, 2011, cmrc91 said:

    @DGAPproductions097 it actually says “I’m an idiot” in english lol

  41. On Aug 5, 2011, matolies said:

    Red Bull ruins these motorsport videos with too loud music. We want to hear the engine roar!

  42. On Aug 5, 2011, mrwigglesaur1 said:

    u gotta admit, red bull knows how to advertise. and most importantly, throw a party :3

  43. On Aug 5, 2011, WhenTardsAttack said:

    i happen to be a diehard race fan. to bad i live innthe chicago area and people fucking hate racing

  44. On Aug 5, 2011, ljlive23 said:

    scott speed good racer just not a cup car

  45. On Aug 5, 2011, alfazg said:

    Red Bull –> the best marketing in the world

  46. On Aug 5, 2011, nr2002vidz said:

    that was a taxi with a blue stripe…

  47. On Aug 5, 2011, lvc2257 said:

    20 thumb’s down… must be hendrick motorsports

  48. On Aug 6, 2011, birtbirtscuderia said:


  49. On Aug 6, 2011, Znitso said:

    20 people are “real” cabdrivers.

  50. On Aug 6, 2011, hossboracing said:

    This was awesome

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