Another Attack on Christians..What do you think of what the Holiday Inn is doing?

Question by crimmsonandclover: Another Attack on Christians..What do you think of what the Holiday Inn is doing?
Holiday Inn dumps Christian banquet; group says anti-Christian discrimination at play
Holiday Inn is being accused of anti-Christian discrimination for refusing to allow a Christian non-profit group to hold its annual banquet at one of its suburban Chicago locations.

But when AFT executive director Peter LaBarbera told the banquet coordinator the event might draw a protest from homosexual activists, general manager Dennis Igoe dropped the reservation due to what he called “potential negative publicity to the hotel.” Florida-based Liberty Counsel then sent a letter to Igoe, informing him that his “cancellation of Americans for Truth’s reservation raises serious concerns of unlawful discrimination under the Illinois Human Rights Act which prohibits discrimination in places of public accommodation on the basis of religion.”

THis outraegous don’t you think?

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Answer by Chippy v1.0.0.3b
so go somewhere else. stop your whining.

go build your own chain of hotels and hold them there.
there are parks, there are other hotels, there are other buildings, there are CHURCHES. find a place.

heaven forbid you hold a christian meeting at a church…

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  1. On Jul 4, 2011, Jack said:

    sounds like a good idea

  2. On Jul 4, 2011, Parrot v2.0 said:


  3. On Jul 4, 2011, alanagkelly said:

    So they discriminated against Christians because the Christians were discriminating against gays? That is outrageous…

    I thought businesses have the right to refuse services to anyone. Unless they were applying for a job I don’t think Holiday Inn broke the law.

  4. On Jul 4, 2011, Matt J said:

    is holiday inn really the only place they can hold their little hate-mongering session?

    see, in america, you can do what you want with your property. novel concept, I know.

  5. On Jul 4, 2011, struds2671 said:

    The hotel made a business decision and they are losing a booking, so it is well within their rights to refuse to honor any booking as long as they remain true to the terms of the original booking contract. (probably a full refund).

    They are not being anti-christian, they are just being pro-sensible.

  6. On Jul 4, 2011, Bookworm said:

    Well, if Holiday Inn was worried about bad publicity, looks like they got it.

  7. On Jul 4, 2011, Adam G said:

    Will the persecution ever end????

    *rolls eyes*

    They’re finally getting a taste of what they’ve been dishing and they don’t like it….

    Surprise, surprise.

  8. On Jul 4, 2011, oozɐƃ ʇɐǝɹƃ ǝɥʇ said:

    Private businesses have the right to drop whatever they wish. They weren’t dropped for their religion, they were dropped because they were likely going to disrupt business.

  9. On Jul 4, 2011, idahomike3 said:

    Call the gay traitor senator from Idaho and tell him all about it… if the slimy *&^&%$ is answering his phone

  10. On Jul 4, 2011, SoUledOut4Christ! said:

    Yes it is! People want to put God under the bed and hide him, but let men walk down the street and make out with another man. This world makes me sick. Its supposed to be in God we trust, and God bless America, but how can God do anything under the bed? Let him out and let his people be free to do what ever they want! Everyone should praise the God that gave you breath.

  11. On Jul 4, 2011, Yoda Green said:

    How is this “outrageous”?
    Holiday inn is a buisness. It is designed to make money. And catering to dangerous death-cults like christianity is NOT the way to get good press.

  12. On Jul 4, 2011, James-hova RTR: The Champ said:

    Should the Holiday Inn host White Supremacist groups, too. Or is it just groups that preach hetero -supremacy that’s ok with you?

  13. On Jul 4, 2011, Skalite gonna knock you out said:

    It’s a business. They can do whatever they want. If they want to avoid a protest, it’s enshrined in law that says they can void any agreement for any reason or none. Get over it, it’s how the world works.

  14. On Jul 4, 2011, bmattj121 said:

    I’ve got to be honest with you: I don’t really think the Americans for Truth organization is an Christ-like representation of a Christian organization. Their entire mission and focus is essentially based in hatred.
    Listen, I agree that homosexuality is a sin- it says so in the Bible; however, to create an entire non-profit to “shed the light on homosexuality’s true self” is the equivalent of creating one for liars. I’ve got news for all of us Christians: we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Instead of creating a barrier between those of faith and those who do not believe, we should be embracing them.
    The AFT is no more than a modern-day group of Pharisees. So more power to the Holiday Inn. I don’t want groups like that speaking on behalf of my faith.

  15. On Jul 4, 2011, SuperAtheist said:

    Good for the Holiday Inn! They probably just want to avoid bad publicity, but that’s a fine and principled stand against the disgusting behaviour of these homophobic fundamentalists.

    I’ll increase my use of their hotels in future.


  16. On Jul 4, 2011, angelpurplewings said:

    let the christians sue the hotel

  17. On Jul 4, 2011, hindutrinity said:

    Christianity will have to embrace homosexuality if it wants to exist in a free society.


  18. On Jul 4, 2011, salient2 said:

    Next time I will stay at a Holiday Inn. About time people stood up to these hate groups.

  19. On Jul 4, 2011, Murazor said:

    OH, the humanity!!!!!!

    *runs off sobbing*

  20. On Jul 5, 2011, Solly said:

    I agree, C&C.

    Seems like a cut and dried case for the ACLU. They were sympathetic to Jerry Fallwell and Rush Limbaugh. Perhaps they’ll pick up the cause.

  21. On Jul 5, 2011, Blackbird said:

    Geez, it’s like that person didn’t even hear about that statement.

  22. On Jul 5, 2011, .. said:

    Go back to church. The Holiday Inn is not a church, BTW.

  23. On Jul 5, 2011, Biran_Sefar said:

    The establishment in question has every right to ban groups that promote discrimination against others based upon race, religion, and/or sexual orientation. Banning the Christian group is in NO WAY different than banning the Nazi Party from holding a rally in Chicago. You can gather where you want, but most respectable businesses do NOT have to kow-tow and put up with your bigotry.

  24. On Jul 5, 2011, bobalo9 said:

    Is there a company from which you can expect better?
    Read the Bible we have been warned, we of faith, so why the panic? Have Faith, God is in control, stand firm till the end.
    If they persecuted Him they will most assuredly persecute You!
    You have not seen anything yet

    Faith and Prayer with sincerity and Humility go a long way

  25. On Jul 5, 2011, Michael Kelly said:


    The best thing to do is to write to the CEO’s of this business and unless they retract, cancel all business dealings and never use them again. It must be one huge effort by all Christians; they will get the message that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few as old Spock used to say.

    Hitting the pocket book is what shakes people up the most and there are a lot of Christians that do business with the chain of hotels I am sure.


    Michael Kelly

  26. On Jul 5, 2011, purple_kathryn said:

    yeah they should be calling it the christmas inn

    damn secuarlists

  27. On Jul 5, 2011, Paul S said:

    From the “Americans for Truth” website:

    “Welcome to Americans for Truth, a newly reorganized national organization devoted exclusively to exposing and countering the homosexual activist agenda.”

    So a group of bigoted liars is being “discriminated against”?

    Bullshit. There’s no reason why Holiday Inn should have to support this kind of activity. Morality matters, and I congratulate Mr. Igoe for standing up against immorality.

    Crimson, kid, you need to learn right from wrong. Your parents apparently did a really bad job teaching you.

    Oh, and labeling this “another attack on Christians” makes honest people believe that there aren’t any real attacks on Christians. Do you know the story of “the Boy Who Cried Wolf”? You should read it.

  28. On Jul 5, 2011, Daughter said:

    So when the tables turn you call foul? Welcome to our world cupcake. You’ve been doing it to us for centuries

  29. On Jul 5, 2011, Raven's Voice said:

    Ever hear of “No shirt, no shoes, no service”?

    Discrimination against nudists!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously, the group in question defines itself, in so many words, as being virulently anti-homosexual.

    Poor, poor babies, that there are businesses who won’t do business with them.

  30. On Jul 5, 2011, robert p said:

    Atheists scream when christians mention sin.Anti-christians are trying to remove any freedom for christians.Who is suppose to be 100% tolerant?

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