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Chef and owner Rick Bayless talks about his popular Topolobampo and Frontera Grill restaurants in downtown Chicago. Get more info on these restaurants and more on Savory Cities: www.savorycities.com

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  1. On Dec 7, 2010, aldenclarke said:

    Bayless is an awesome guy, but for some reason mexican food just doesn’t appeal to me. I might change my tune if I ate there, but the food just doesn’t appeal to my eyes.

  2. On Dec 7, 2010, bobhensel said:

    Do yourselves a favor and eat at any of Chef Bayless’ establishments. On one particular occasion I was lucky enough to be there when he was preparing the meals. You cant believe it if you don’t try it. I live in the desert of eastern Oregon and it is not easy to get to Chicago, but everytime I do I eat “Mexico One Plate At A Time.”

  3. On Dec 7, 2010, madisonelectronic said:

    Where are the refried beans?? All beaners eat beans??

  4. On Dec 7, 2010, Hater656 said:

    @manogawa The man has traveled extensively through Mexico and has real passion for the culture and the cuisine. It’s sad to admit, but, sometimes it takes an “outsider” to show you just how wonderful and beautiful your country is.

  5. On Dec 7, 2010, aprilcalldispatch said:

    I love listening to Chef Bayless talk about food. He’s totally all about it, like no other…well, someothers (Keller, Cosentino etc) but you know what i mean.

  6. On Dec 7, 2010, manogawa said:

    I want to know if the owner of this restaurant knows there is a port in Mexico with this name in the state of Sinaloa and someday would like to know his restaurant I live in louisiana. but I’m from that port.

  7. On Dec 7, 2010, danzigism said:

    Rick Bayless is so freakin’ awesome it’s not even funny. I love his recipes and it would be totally sweet to go to his restaurants. I’m glad his show appears on PBS now. I watch it all the freakin time. thanks!!!!

  8. On Dec 7, 2010, HoshiSuzume said:

    i love this man and if i ever go to chicago i am stopping in at at least one, if not both of these restaurants.

  9. On Dec 7, 2010, mishamichael said:

    It’s still Latin

  10. On Dec 7, 2010, mve2009 said:

    Mexican food is not “Latin”; it has strong roots in pre-columbian Mexico and it is very different from other Latin American cuisines.

  11. On Dec 7, 2010, sourcetags said:

    I love this style food and its under-appreciated. This amazing rustic mexician food is simply amazing. No wonder he’s won many james beard awards

  12. On Dec 7, 2010, evelinedubliners said:

    i adore this man.

  13. On Dec 7, 2010, risingfrost said:

    you’re smart

    that was sarcastic

  14. On Dec 7, 2010, RockyBalboa211 said:

    Well he does have the television look as well.. I like his voice, but thats just me lol! Wierd that he colors his hair, and yet not his moustache.

  15. On Dec 7, 2010, makkonnen1 said:

    So there are no Mexican chefs from Mexico or in the US better than Rick? LMAO OKay.

  16. On Dec 7, 2010, RockyBalboa211 said:

    Well…he lives in chicago.. and he probably knows more about traditional mexican food than alot of the people of mexican descent in chicago. Thats how he is considered one of the best mexican cuisine chefs to ever live.

  17. On Dec 7, 2010, RockyBalboa211 said:

    Well Rick Bayless though is one of the best chefs of mexican cuisine. He traveled during his childhood and adulthood through all of Mexico, and intensively learned alot of its traditional customs in making true Mexican food.

  18. On Dec 7, 2010, TheFoodChannel said:

    Frontera Grill is incredible! Did you know he’s opening a new place next door called Xoco?? YUM! Churros and Mexican hot chocolate!

  19. On Dec 7, 2010, makkonnen1 said:

    What a crock of sh!t. All the Mexicans here and in Mexico and PBS can’t find one to do a show on making Mexican food?
    Racism plain and simple.

  20. On Dec 7, 2010, 204union said:

    CNBC doing a documentary on Rick Bayless and Frontera Foods – and how he and his business partner grew the brand – April 2 @ 9p eastern –
    “The Entrepreneurs”

  21. On Dec 7, 2010, chalatenango234 said:

    I love his show ..today he talked abot tortillas and he got recipes from a street vendor…I like this guy..he really understands our food…..latin food is not simple or tasteless…it has life

  22. On Dec 7, 2010, ElmaCannonPrieto said:

    yes of the family ,but NOT yours,,he is friends of another Family…

    i can honestly tell you that he has done more for Mexican cuisine that many others born in Mexico have.

    Just as Lila Downs has done more for Our music than many Mexican born singers,same principle ,LOVE!!!!!!

  23. On Dec 7, 2010, Achu313 said:

    O-M-G I love you, Rick Bayless!!

    His restaurants look soooo gorgeous, I can’t wait to go one day.

  24. On Dec 7, 2010, haaamean said:

    he doesn’t really have anyone else on his show but him and his family from what I recall

  25. On Dec 7, 2010, ConiferTreez said:

    not quite

    actually, Rick is a good friend of the family.

    His places just aren’t what they used to be, that’s all

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