Chicago Logan Square Gangs: Palmer Street Gaylords

ChicagoJoe57 asked:

Chicago’s Logan Square section was known for its Greaser Gangs. From the 1950′s until 1990, greaser gangs fought turf wars against each other and then against the influx of Latino Gangs such as the Spanish Cobras, Imperial Gangsters, Maniac Latin Disciples, Latin Lovers, Latin Stylers, and all Folk Nation gangs. By the late 1980′s, greaser gangs like Chi-West, Simon City, Cortland Stacies, Bel_Airs, Taylor Street Jousters and the Playboys, no longer held turf in Logan Square. The last of the White Greaser gangs to hold turf in the Logan Square section area was the Palmer Street Gaylord’s. Palmer Street held the area of Palmer Square, Palmer Street and California, respectively. Palmer Street, unlike other Gaylord sections, wore the colors black and gray, and were responsible for starting the Cleveland School, Seeley and Ainslie, and the Hamlin and Wilson Gaylord’s. Tripp and Armitage was another spin off of Palmer street in 1969-70-71. Pictures taken from the 1970′s and into the early 1980′s. Pictures include: Palmer Puds – under 13 year olds Midgets 13 to 15 PeeWees 16 to 18 Juniors 18 to 20 Seniors 21 and older Today, a few Latino gangs hold turf in Logan Square, but for how long? The neighborhood is fast becoming gentrified and streets that were once considered a slum area are being brought and renovated by business people working in the Loop. RIP Mike RIP Tesse RIP Chango

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  1. On Nov 18, 2010, casp3rg197 said:

    @ShottownPoltergeist Lol i know joker he a old school cat Lol….

  2. On Nov 21, 2010, ponczeq420 said:

    Cross is boss 712

  3. On Nov 23, 2010, casp3rg197 said:

    @adonovan702 G.A.Y.L.O.R.D.S

  4. On Nov 24, 2010, ShottownPoltergeist said:

    Someone been taggin up real small bey Palmer St & California lately in the alleys there “PGL Joker”.

    All them old GL sidewalk engravings on Belden near Milwaukkee just got torn up.

  5. On Nov 26, 2010, ChicagoJoe57 said:

    @adonovan702 I documented on the website how the Gaylords selected their name and why! You never read the website – why? Because there is nothing on my website about a Satan Disciple and a zipgun, which means you read the wrong website thinking it was Gaylords712.

  6. On Nov 27, 2010, adonovan702 said:

    I already read thru that link you provided a looong ass time ago. Thats how i knew GL were Stone greasers..I remmber reading also about the first handgun murder by ch town gang fights, i think it was some guy from the SD’s that made a zip gun semi automatic in metal shop at school or sum shit…anyway the question here is whats behind the name? if its describd at the site i must have missed it and am not going to search that whole site again

  7. On Nov 28, 2010, ChicagoJoe57 said:

    @adonovan702 You say no disrespect, but you ask this question even after I posted the Gaylords’ link in the description without reading it. I provided the link for people to read about the Gaylord Nation.

    Unless you were from a fifties gang, there are zero White gangs in LA with any credibility after that generation. The only LA gangs noteworthy from the sixties forward were Black and Latino.

  8. On Nov 29, 2010, adonovan702 said:

    No disrespect intended here just a question…Im from california and affiliated myself of a street gang i will not engeage into further discussion about, but chicago gangs always intrigued me, the way they operat, the names they choose to describe themselves etc..arent the GL back in the day the stone greasers? and why the name GayLord? a name like that identifying yourselves woould literally get you laughd at back home (lno disrespect intended just curiosity) whats the meaning behind the name?

  9. On Nov 30, 2010, tazz9000 said:

    warriors come out and plaaaaaaayyyyyyeeeeee

  10. On Dec 2, 2010, hediosma said:

    @ChicagoJoe57 so ur a gangbanger?

  11. On Dec 5, 2010, Know1sEntertainment said:

    best gang in the world GL

  12. On Dec 7, 2010, MajestyDaThug said:

    those white ppl try to act something dey not fucking faggots DEY ARE LORDS OF THE GAY dats wat dey are

  13. On Dec 7, 2010, wukb80 said:

    @jimbanzo lmao!!!

  14. On Dec 8, 2010, ChicagoJoe57 said:

    @chaotickitty34 You are correct!

  15. On Dec 9, 2010, chaotickitty34 said:

    the beg of video is from the warriors

  16. On Dec 9, 2010, Sharif80 said:

    @ChicagoJoe57 in that case im pretty sure it was crazy pete

  17. On Dec 10, 2010, Sharif80 said:

    @ChicagoJoe57 oh i find the gaylords to be pretty interesting despite what others say…old skool gangs for that matter fascinate me because it’s amazing how things have changed from those days for the worst, but the gaylords were sum bad sob’s

  18. On Dec 12, 2010, ChicagoJoe57 said:

    @Sharif80 The guy who killed him was four years older and bigger. He chopped him in the back of the neck as the kid was reaching for a $10.00 bill. I have since heard the Noble Knight who did it is dead, but I don’t know the circumstances on how he died.

  19. On Dec 14, 2010, Sharif80 said:

    @ChicagoJoe57 a karate chop?! he must have hit him somewhere sensitive and pretty hard if it killed him…

  20. On Dec 18, 2010, ChicagoJoe57 said:

    Spanish Lords and the Gaylords were loose allies under the People Alliance. I got Spanish Lords talking to Gaylords on my forum.

  21. On Dec 19, 2010, BugsyIG said:

    lol… racist bitches… last time I checked white is a color not a race… lame ass. AGLK come and get you some if you think you even have the balls. AIGN

  22. On Dec 21, 2010, BugsyIG said:

    the only Lords I remember in Logan square were the Spanish Lords… off the Blvd. california and Diversey, Fairfield Schbert, Talmen etc… belong to them until sometime in the early 80′s then they were moved out by the Latin Lovers and the OA’s then the Mk’s took over and now I dont know who claims the blvd.

  23. On Dec 22, 2010, AskYoMommaBoutMe said:

    @bonkthetube…From the movie “The Warriors.”

  24. On Dec 24, 2010, 98989898989895764 said:

    arnt the stoned freaks and gaylords alliances

  25. On Dec 24, 2010, THEWARRIORSLEADER said:

    cross is boss

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