Food Wars – Chicago’s Al’s Beef

Camille learns the secrets behind the seasoning of Al’s Beef in Chicago. Food Wars premieres Tuesday, March 9 at 10pm E/P on Travel Channel. Visit:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. On Sep 15, 2010, Gilgamesh417 said:

    @Wortcraft Yea, but she’s pretty.

  2. On Sep 15, 2010, CherriesBobbaz said:

    i am gypsy and i love als beef we go cruzing there

  3. On Sep 15, 2010, MayaEats said:

    @jimmyjfx It is!! In Chicago food PART 1, you may have looked at Part 2 instead.

  4. On Sep 16, 2010, jimmyjfx said:

    @MayaEats just looked and its not there! GOOD ONE THOUGH!

  5. On Sep 16, 2010, JonathanDP81 said:


  6. On Sep 16, 2010, MayaEats said:

    I was just in Chicago! Check out my page where I posted a food video and I show Al’s Beef at the end!! :)

  7. On Sep 16, 2010, poolsclosedduetofail said:

    So different host visits the same places Adam has gone to? Oh well at least she’s cute. Same damn channel too.

  8. On Sep 16, 2010, MisterWub said:

    What the hell happened to this show!? Does it air anymore? I only got to see two of them!

  9. On Sep 16, 2010, MisterWub said:

    @AquaLook That makes two of us! If I had to choose between eating her out or the sandwich, I’d definitely choose her!

  10. On Sep 16, 2010, AquaLook said:

    I’d love to eat her out.

  11. On Sep 16, 2010, TheUploader1 said:

    Man vs Food goddamnit!!

  12. On Sep 16, 2010, SeeFunnyShit said:

    im ok with her, hey i even like her. She’s in her natural environment : the kitchen.

  13. On Sep 16, 2010, willbraham said:

    @Wortcraft She’s really cute, though!

  14. On Sep 16, 2010, joshthemyth1 said:

    @TokyoNiGHTS1 samajtha brown wouldve been a better choice then her imo

  15. On Sep 16, 2010, joshthemyth1 said:

    @Wortcraft THANK YOU!!

  16. On Sep 16, 2010, TokyoNiGHTS1 said:

    @Wortcraft She’s hosting a show where other people determine what the best food is between two similar products. Why exactly does she need to know about food to host a show like that?

    As far as her being attractive, so what? Do you also have a problem with Samantha Brown hosting a different shows? She’s also an attractive woman (oh the horror!) hosting a series of shows where she doesn’t need any prior knowledge of what she’s doing to host those shows.

  17. On Sep 16, 2010, jimmym02 said:

    i don’t think she’s trying to be funny she just is. And her being cute is just her being cute, so what? How is what Adam does any better? I still cannot finish an episode of M v F. Why do I want to see some kid gorge himself? Maybe we didn’t need another food travel show, but I’m still going to watch her. And switchblades are illegal in Illinois too, but it is Chicago.

  18. On Sep 16, 2010, gbroughman said:

    That is the sexiest woman on tv. Love to share a beef with her over by Al’s.

  19. On Sep 16, 2010, iwontupload said:

    the host is hot

  20. On Sep 16, 2010, jaykim888 said:

    She’s not trying to be funny, she is naturally funny and super cute

  21. On Sep 16, 2010, harmarsstar said:

    search- “Season 1 Ep. 5: Food Wars – The Jucy Lucy is How Good?” AMAZING

  22. On Sep 16, 2010, MrJfigueroa120 said:

    Switch blades are illegal in nyc…why?

  23. On Sep 16, 2010, kck0006 said:

    The host is annoying as hell

  24. On Sep 16, 2010, puttboy92 said:

    Al’s Beef is good but I hate their giardiniera. Portillo’s has quality hot peppers.

  25. On Sep 16, 2010, Wortcraft said:

    0:55 is exactly the problem with this show.

    She tries SO hard to be funny and act like Adam from Man vs Food. Fire her and replace her with Adam.

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